Parenting and fatherhood channeling

As a first time parent you are filled with thoughts, concerns and questions. Reflections are turned and discoveries are added to your life – box of experiences, and it all starts from the moment you planned for this miracle to bless your life… or from the moment you got the news. For me, time has passed so quickly that I at times find myself that I wish I could keep my baby safe in my belly for just a little longer to enjoy the moments that will never come back… With only 7 weeks left and a difficult but oh so rewarding pregnancy progressing, I am savoring the special things and learning from the challenging ones. My husband and I  are adapting and reflecting over our roles, present and coming ones, as unified parents, as a couple towards one another, as a mother  and a father to our child, as separate individuals and as a dynamic family over all. Decisions are being taken, compared and discussed and baby products are thought through.

As a step towards sorting and sharing some of those exciting experiences, my husband has started a YouTube channel in which he hopes to encourage and advice through tips, reviews and personal ideas with of course, lots of geekiness and first dad fun. Why not visit?

I will continuously share with you my own experiences through this blog and I am honoured to have you reading and taking part of this journey.


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Gaming for the blind

Few days ago, in between studies and upcoming test, I joined Twitch. Not to stream, but to enjoy different games and some people have the talent of describing them while they play. Since many games lack in accessibility for users of screen-readers, this is an excellent way for me to experience games. Although it can not really compare to the actual experience of gaming, it is a nice substitute. Amongst others, I am currently following my dear fiancé’s channel, iGameOver. If you would like to check out some of his work, you can catch him in any of the following places:

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BBC – My Autism and Me, an extraordinary video

Watch this extraordinary video about autism, shown from the autistic persons’ point of view.

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