5 father-phases during my pregnancy

When we started considering bringing a child to this world, my husband and I sat down and discussed our roles as parents and our outlook during the pregnancy. It was important for us to clearly define and share in how or what part in the pregnancy his role would be. We did not want his involvement to be marginal or the support he wanted to give to be seen as “nice help”. We made sure to establish to each other that the pregnancy was not a one parent’s affair but that we both were pregnant, we both needed to bond, we both carried responsibility and dedication. As the pregnancy progressed my husband started to be able to identify some phases in himself and just as I was going through my pregnancy stages, he went through some of his own. These are the five ones we took note of: Continue reading


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Baby News

One thing is for sure, life altered when our baby Nadia arrived. On the 11th of January this year, the day that would bring the past president Barack Obama’s farewell speech and the Swedish radio had “Starboy” by The Weeknd as most played song of the week, our little daughter was born. At 3:16 in the morning, 3,160 KG and 42 CM, she gave out her first cry. The most indescribable feeling of joy, peace, wondrous awe filled me as she was placed on my chest and I could feel life coursing in that little wriggling, warm body of hers. I took notes of these emotions the next day “… The moment you were laid to my chest, all pain disappeared. Your warm little body soothed my exhausted muscles, your cries energized my tired senses, your newborn smell was fragrance to my gas-fogged brain. You even gave me a little kiss that has me all giddy”.

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Parenting and fatherhood channeling

As a first time parent you are filled with thoughts, concerns and questions. Reflections are turned and discoveries are added to your life – box of experiences, and it all starts from the moment you planned for this miracle to bless your life… or from the moment you got the news. For me, time has passed so quickly that I at times find myself that I wish I could keep my baby safe in my belly for just a little longer to enjoy the moments that will never come back… With only 7 weeks left and a difficult but oh so rewarding pregnancy progressing, I am savoring the special things and learning from the challenging ones. My husband and I  are adapting and reflecting over our roles, present and coming ones, as unified parents, as a couple towards one another, as a mother  and a father to our child, as separate individuals and as a dynamic family over all. Decisions are being taken, compared and discussed and baby products are thought through.

As a step towards sorting and sharing some of those exciting experiences, my husband has started a YouTube channel in which he hopes to encourage and advice through tips, reviews and personal ideas with of course, lots of geekiness and first dad fun. Why not visit? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC670DGWa9NEnxdFI89Pu82Q

I will continuously share with you my own experiences through this blog and I am honoured to have you reading and taking part of this journey.

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