Baby News

One thing is for sure, life altered when our baby Nadia arrived. On the 11th of January this year, the day that would bring the past president Barack Obama’s farewell speech and the Swedish radio had “Starboy” by The Weeknd as most played song of the week, our little daughter was born. At 3:16 in the morning, 3,160 KG and 42 CM, she gave out her first cry. The most indescribable feeling of joy, peace, wondrous awe filled me as she was placed on my chest and I could feel life coursing in that little wriggling, warm body of hers. I took notes of these emotions the next day “… The moment you were laid to my chest, all pain disappeared. Your warm little body soothed my exhausted muscles, your cries energized my tired senses, your newborn smell was fragrance to my gas-fogged brain. You even gave me a little kiss that has me all giddy”.

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Countdown Continues

With only a few weeks to go, our long awaited wedding day quickly approaches. Our nerves are in knots as the days pass too rapidly for all the intricate planning and our already very tight wedding budget dwindles before we have the basics covered. I have been so desperate that I even contacted two TV-shows, the “Ellen Degeneres show”, the Swedish wedding show “Den Största Dagen“ and a Swedish wedding magazine “Bröllopsmagazinet” to try our luck but sadly as for now, no success in that front. A few weeks ago we decided to close down our fundraiser wedding page since its inactivity was causing us to much pain but then we backed off from the decision because, well, what if… To add to our stress, our landlord decided to end our renting contract and we will have to be moved out from the apartment we currently live in three days after the wedding and we are desperately trying to find a place to quickly move into in the process. Not everything is struggles though, as with everything, I always try to find blessings in whatever circumstances we might be in. My pregnancy progresses without any major difficulties, aside from some back aches, tiredness, sudden blood pressure drops and nerve pains that most likely will put some strain on our move, I am excited to say that I already started to feel our little one’s first kicks and light movements. It is incredible how despite everything going on in our lives right now, this little miracle brings us countless moments of joy and love. Our closest friends have shown such care that it has warmed our hearts, especially when we have been feeling particularly down at times. Meanwhile, my summer course studying is reaching its end and I will soon be able to enjoy two weeks of summer holiday full of wedding happiness together with loved friends and family.

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