Baby News

One thing is for sure, life altered when our baby Nadia arrived. On the 11th of January this year, the day that would bring the past president Barack Obama’s farewell speech and the Swedish radio had “Starboy” by The Weeknd as most played song of the week, our little daughter was born. At 3:16 in the morning, 3,160 KG and 42 CM, she gave out her first cry. The most indescribable feeling of joy, peace, wondrous awe filled me as she was placed on my chest and I could feel life coursing in that little wriggling, warm body of hers. I took notes of these emotions the next day “… The moment you were laid to my chest, all pain disappeared. Your warm little body soothed my exhausted muscles, your cries energized my tired senses, your newborn smell was fragrance to my gas-fogged brain. You even gave me a little kiss that has me all giddy”.


Five months has now passed and the miraculous developments that has trailed our days are countless. I never been so exhausted, never been so determined, so immeasurably rewarded. While my husband started his full time parental leave, I had to go back to university six days after labor and since then my days has been filled with lectures, breast feeding solace, assignment writings, baby cuddle oasis, little sleep and lots of developmental surprises. But, above all, peace and happiness when I got to hold her close, when she snuggled into me, when I fed her, when I hear her breathing, when she sleeps in my arms, by my side or on my chest, when she makes little cooing sounds, when I touch her smile, yes even when she sneezes or coughs.


Oh, how we’ve journeyed from infant, to newborn, to toddler, from little bundle needing warmth and comfort, to expressive growing personality learning to reach, and grip, and taste and even almost sit. Yes, five months in a yesterday with an exciting future around the corner.


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